Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For me, this is SO not funny

Nolah, this is damn funny wey...for me especially!

I kept thinking of this when I use Ms Helga last week. And also to the extent "Erm, is it 3, 6, 18 feet or infinity?

Note - On H0l94 cameras, the symbol :
Single person is for 3 feet (1 m);
Parents with child is for 6 feet (2 m);
Group photo is for 18 feet (6 m); &
Mountain is for 30 feet (10 m) to infinity

Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't think, just shoot is SO not true

These 3 pictures are the top 3 shots that I got from my first roll of film (first time using Ms Helga too)using the expired York Color ISO 200.

1st place..clap clap clap

Coz this picture has a lot of shapes compared to others

Coz it is Istana Negara =)

I did a number of double exposure, but none of it were developed! I think the place that I went to (at PeeBeeDee) do not do cross processing. The film I used has 36 exposures but only 18 were developed. I talked to this 'kedai gambar' near my place owner, the lady said maybe 'kedai gambar' PeeBeeDee mixes their chemical to develop. Since nowadays there a only a few who developed their films (me think H0l94 and other L0m0 lovers only) that's y the developers do that because of less demand(not my view k, the owner lady of 'kedai gambar').

I compared my pictures to other H0l94 pictures & found out my pics are not clear or sharp. I wonder why. Maybe there is lack of light (I've read somewhere if take shots during sunny days will be damn awesome.)Thinking of buying the flash lah later.

I also face difficulties in focusing on shots using this TLR, especially the viewfinder. Is it because H0l94 TLR are not good? I have a few shots where I remembered I focused on something else but it took a different view (kenot blame also coz I took the shot while the car is moving!) hihi.

Will try to take shots during sunny days. I have two rolls of slide films but sayang nak guna coz they are quite rare. Maybe I will try the fresh one after this.

Owh, the phrase "Dont think just shoot" is not applicable to me. I have to think so that my pictures will make sense. A lot of pictures made me wondering waddahell? ekhekekhe