Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Beginning

Ehemm.. I didn't decide to choose auditing as a career initially. I am an IT graduate, well that is what I have studied for my degree. But things have been a lil bit crazy for the past 26 and a half years (and still are, but I am loving and enjoying it every moment) and here I am auditing for my 'sesuap nasi'.

I started with MICPA Conversion Course where we (a group of people, can't remember the exact number) learned on Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Tax and Business Law in around 6 months.. haha.. not bad eh (Note: Author did take Accounts for SPM. Result - F9. Thank God it was not included in the SPM Cert). Pass all the 4 papers and worked in one of the Big 4 firm. This is where it all started...

Am I a perfectionist? Kindda, maybe that is why I love this area despite of all the 'cabaran yang tidak berhenti-henti menimpa'. One (no, more than one) once said that I cannot survive doing auditing (is auditing in Big 4 considered as the 'only' auditing?) I just have to prove them wrong.

SO here we are .... the ABCs and 123s of auditing , chewah!! (The level of ramblings/ articles/ discussion points here is interrelated with the level of audit skills that I have at the moment.)

Thank you

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