Monday, May 26, 2008

Exam is just around the corner

Professional qualification is very important for us auditors as it differentiates us from other 'auditors'. It also serves as the mines of technical knowledge that help us in doing our work basically, whether it is financial, operational, compliance, IT audit.

I am taking ACCA at the moment. This seating I will battling (again) with F7, F8 & F9 papers which I did not have much 'luck' and sound knowledge at previous seatings. This posting is basically to warn me that I have only 9 days to study all these 3 papers. Still I did not adhere to my strict time table which lets me at least cover the syllabus once.

Tips for ppl who will be taking exams (whether it is ACCA, MIA, CAT, etc):

1. Never study in your room. It is too comfortable where the bed is at its 'cosi'est mode ever!!
2. The best place to study, at library. Equipped with lecturer notes, past year papers, all the
colorful pens that you bought last month, mp3/ipod player, hey, u are ready to go!
3. Study groups. It is essential but not compulsory. After all, my study group is going nowhere
now, can't really rely on them for the future, aight?
4. Sufficient supplies of tit-bits, lunch + dinner, sweets, asam, kerepek, etc. You don't want to
waste your time by just walking back and forth to the nearest mamak, food court, kedai runcit
right? You don't have time (luxury) anymore!!
5. For Muslims, your ketayap/songkok/telekung. God's miracle is very much needed at this
point of time.
6. Family, friends who are very supportive. To these people, don't suddenly come up with the
idea of gatherings, lunches, dinners, karok sessions. It is distracting and we do not want to be
labelled as bad cousins,aunties,uncles,friends,buddies because we cannot attend. Please
understand. Educating these group of people that we have to practically burn the midnight
oil is a must!
7. Please be focused!
8. No Internet. This is also very distracting. Hahah, let me get to doing exercises then.

Wish me luck!!


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